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PSB 2000
Stacey Mc Callister

Cells of the Nervous System 1. Human nervous system two kinds of cells a. Neurons i. Transmit info b. Glia 2. Human brain: ~100 billion individual neurons 3. Ratio of neurons to glia is 1:8 4. Cerebral cortex and associated areas: 12-15 billion neurons 5. Cerebellum: 6. The Structures of an animal cell: a. Nucleus: DNA b. Mitochondria: energy maker c. Ribosomes: makes new proteins d. ER: thin tubes that modify and transport protein e. Golgi: f. Plasma Membrane: 7. Cell membrane: a. Phospholipid bilayer i. 2 layers of fat molecules that are free to float around one another b. Semipermeable i. H20, 02, C02 move freely 8. The Structure of a Neuron a. Neurons similar to rest of the body’s cells! 9. Neuron: Specialized Shape a. DRAP – Dendrites receive, axons pass b. Oligodendrocyte (CNS), Schwann cell (PNS) are both Glial c. Axons have myelin sheath d. Any neuron can have as many dendrites as it wants, but only one axon 10. Neuron Types a. Motor neuron i. Soma: spinal cord ii. Terminals: muscles iii. Affects people with ALS b. Sensory neuron i. Soma: dorsal root ganglion (DRG ii. Terminals: spinal cord 11. Glia (“glue”) a. Many types and functions b. Does NOT transmit data
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