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Florida State University
PSB 2000
Orenda Johnson

Differences in Sexual Variation Differences between gay and straight individuals: Brain Anatomy -Hemisphere size -Amygdala -Anterior commissure -SCN -Third interstital nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus -2x as large in straight men than women -Gay men shifted in female direction -Androgen responds to testosteron -Change that occurs during development or in adolescence or adult hood -Data suggests its organizational -When looking at rams, they have sexually dimorphic -Associated with size of thalamus and sexual behavior -Volume of hypothalamus much larger in straight men than in gay men and women (LeVay 1991) -Controversial because large majority were aids victims -Byne 2001 less of a correlation Response to pheromones -Differences in how the brain responds to pheromones -Released from one member of the species and other members of that species can respond to that in different ways -Not processed consciously, processed by hypothalamus -Reproductive, defensive or marking territory -Humans don't have the necessary stuff but still react to pheromones -AND heterosexual women and homosexual men respond in the same way -Heterosexual men decrease in positive mood -ENT (more common in female) heterosexual men and lesbians respond similarly -Strong correlations between all of this and sexual orientation and seem to be set up organizationally before birth Transsexuality -Gender identity is what gender you identify yourself as -Usually gender identity and sex correlate but sometimes they don't -BNST is larger in men than in women -TS is the connection between the hypothalamus and the amygdala -BN is a nucleus of cells embedded in the white matter pathway -Nucleus much smaller in transexual male-to-female -Nucleus the same with homosexual males Intersexes -Conditions that can occur when sexual development is intermediate or ambiguous Incidence -1 in 100 born with some degree -1 in 2000 cannot determine sex by looking at genetalia -Generally they would make the child a girl before Chromosomal Abnormalities Turner Syndrome "XO" karyotype -Sometimes some have a single X -1 in 2500 live birth females -10% of all miscarriages due to this syndrome -Usually female gender identity Symptoms vary -Poor ovary formation, low levels of sex hormones -Immature sexual development -Upon adolescence sex hormones will be given -Sometimes infertile -Short stature -Physical abnormalities that can be determin
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