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SOP 3004
Kate Zielaskowski

Attribution 1. Attribution: hypothesis about the causes of others‟ behavior 2. Social cognition/thinking: thinking about others‟ behavior 3. Biases in thinking about the self a. Systematic b. Favors self-esteem maintenance (downward social comparison) c. Self-serving bias 4. Fundamental attribution error a. Attribution i. Dispositional: internal to the individual (FAE made more readily) ii. Situational: external aspects of the situation b. Underestimate situational causes and overestimate the effect of disposition c. In research: Pps read a speech “written by a college student” i. Pro/anti Castro and the people thought whatever they wrote about was their true attitude d. We tend to find causes where we look for them st e. In 1rderson we notice the situation and attribute behavior to it f. In 3 person we notice the people and attribute behavior to them 5. Kelley‟s Attribution Theory a. When do we make a situational or a dispositional inference? i. Consensus – Would others do the same thing? ii. Distinctiveness – Do they only do it in this situation? iii. Consistency – Do they do it all the time? b. Condition 1 is dispositional, 2 and 3 is situational 6. Other influences on attribution a. Changing perspectives i. We can see an individual‟s actions from more of an environmental perspective over time ii. We see our own actions as more variable than others‟ actions b. Cultural differences 7. Culture and Attribution a. How fundamental is the fundamental attribution error? i. Not consistent. Not to same extent ii. In general, people from individualist cultures more vulnerable to the fundamental attribution error iii. The Michigan Fish Study (Masuda and Nisbett, 2001) 1. Japanese and American Pps (participants) 2. Flash movies of underwater scenes fo
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