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Kate Zielaskowski

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Persuasion 1. Persuasive Techniques a. Scarcity i. Time or numbers b. Commitment and consistency (dissonance) i. Pressure: live up to commitments, expectations ii. Cognitive dissonance c. The norm of reciprocity d. Capturing/disrupting attention i. Duplex mind ii. Pique technique iii. Disrupt then reference e. Familiarity and similarity i. We like familiar things 1. I.e., the mere exposure effect ii. People who are similar to us 1. Message source: similarity and attractiveness 2. Tactics a. Foot in door i. Gain target’s compliance with a small request  Make a larger request 1. Yard signs b. Low-Ball i. Get an agreement to a specific argument  change terms of agreement c. Bait and Switch i. Spur the target to take a course of action  Describe course as unwise, suggest alternative d. Labeling i. Assign the t
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