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Kate Zielaskowski

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Social Influence In Groups 1. The effect of crowds a. Presence of others can increase arousal and diffuse responsibility b. People in groups feel anonymous c. Deindividuation – loss of self-awareness and lack of evaluation apprehension in groups; increases responses to group norms d. Tragedy of the commons i. If something is open to everyone, it will get used until it is used up or destroyed because a group will take advantage of it 2. Deindividuation a. Examined 21 instances of suicidal jumpers i. Crowd was small and exposed to daylight = baiting much less likely ii. Less anonymous and more responsible in small group b. Zimbardo’s physical anonymity study i. Dressed women in white coats and hoods or without uniform plus a nametag ii. Women shock confederate iii. Anonymous women held shock button twice as long as those identified 3. Group polarization a. Informational influence: discussion elicits pooling of ideas that favor stance i. Just hearing arguments (not direction of opinion) creates shift b. Normative influence: wanting people to like us, we will express
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