REL-1300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Zionism, Tallit, Kashrut

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24 Oct 2016
medieval period ends w series of expulsion of Jews
1492 - Isabella & Ferdinand, Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal), mass expulsion of Jews
known as Sephardic Jews
development of Ladino - Hebrew/Spanish language
ultimatum to convert to Christianity or leave, chose to leave
Ashkenazi Jews
central + eastern Europe (Germanic tribes)
75-90% of European Jews
spoke Yiddish - Hebrew/German language
Judaism Today
zionism: the desire to establish a nation(-state) for Jews in Palestine
rise of nationalism in 19th-century Europe
antisemitism - mass migrations to the U.S.
Jewish immigrations to Palestine (1860-1920) [under Ottoman rule]
begin to build Kibbutzim
socialist community; build idea of having your own land & living off the land
Eliezer Ben-Yehuda (1858-1922) & the Revival of Hebrew
‘father of modern Hebrew’
Theodor Herzl (1860-1904)
the Dreyfus Affair in France (1892-96)
Dreyfus framed by antisemitic peoples & thrown in jail on Devil’s Island
proved innocent but still in jail - showed how deep the antisemitism ran in France
the first Zionist Congress (1897)
meeting of international Jewish communities trying to find a way to make zionist dream
come true
Die Judenstadt (The Jewish State) [book]
Backgrounds to the founding of the state of Israel
WWI and the British Presence in Palestine
if they help the British win the war, they’ll get their own state (Palestine)
Chaim Weizmann & Arthur James Balfour
Weizmann developed gunpowder, helped military cause in England
Balfour acted as foreign secretary
Balfour said he would give him a British colony (Argentina, Uganda) to set up a Jewish
Israel is to Jews as London is to Brits
the Balfour Declaration (Nov 2 1917)
England supports a national home for Jews in Palestine
interwar conflicts between Arab and Jews
WWII & aftermath
shift of world’s perception of situation in Palestine
mass immigrations
1948 - Declaration of Independence and War
1967 - the Six Day War & the capture of Jerusalem
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