SYG-1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 33: Jeff Lorber, Habituation, Performativity

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Theoretical Perspectives on Gender:
Institutional Perspective: Lorber (1994)
Gender is a socially constructed system of stratification for maintaining inequality and
subordination (of women by men).
Common belief in gender differences that pervades all social processes and organizations
Institutionalized practices for constructing men and women as separate categorizes that are
then hierarchically placed in relation to each other.
Iteactioist Pespectie: Doig Gede West & Zimmerman (1987)
Interactional work in everyday situated conduct that is euied to sustai gede, i.e. doig
Public normative expectations about sex-typed behavior and how individuals routinely comply
with these by gendering their behavior, thus providing interactional validation of sex category
distictios, ad cofeig upo the thei sese of atualess ad ightess.
Doig gede ioles a cople of sociall guided peceptual, interactional and micropolitical
activities that cast particular pursuits as expressions of asculie ad feiie atues.
, 
Gede is a outie, ethodical, ad ecuig accoplishet  that creates and
sustains power inequality.
Structural Perspective Risman (2009)
This integrative approach views societies as having a gender structure that has implications at
the individual, interactional, and institutional levels. It produces gendered selves, generates
interactional expectations from men and women, and gives rise to institutional forms of
organizing and controlling men and women.
Recursive causal relationship between gender structure, its power to produce compliance
(through nonreflexive habituation and coercion), and the transformative power of non-
conforming action that forces dynamism into gender structures.
Ipotace of udestadig chage i gede, o athe the pocess of undoing gender.
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