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Sports Management
PET 3322
Arturo Figueroa

PET3322 Lecture 9/16/13 Chapter 6: Introduction to the Skeletal System  Osseous Tissue: The most distinctive aspect of bone is its unusual extracellular matrix (ECM)  The ECM of osseous tissues contains: o 50% mineral salts (mostly calcium phosphate) o 25% collagen fibers o 25% water  The ECM makes bones STRONG in 2 ways: o They are hard due to minerals o Flexible due to collagen  Four Cell Types: o Osteogenic cells = develops into an osteoblast o Osteoblasts = forms bone matrix o Osteocytes = maintains bone tissue o Osteoclasts (bone is only one to have clasts/ all 3) = reabsorption, the breakdown of bone matrix  Only occurs when there are low levels of calcium in the blood  Structure of Long Bone (diagram on slide) o Circled: Periosteum & Endosteum  Periosteum: covers the surface of the entire bone (layer)  Endosteum: to cover the medullary cavity  Medullary cavity: where bone marrow is located  Matrix made of layers with osteocytes trapped in matrix  Bone Remodeling: o Bones are dynamic organs that respond to the physical s
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