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Lecture 30

HIST 1220 Lecture 30: Thursday, April 6th: Suetonius, Nero

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HIST 1220

Suetonius, Nero Gave a very good performance at the circus games at Troy He was adopted by Claudius at the age of 10 His tutor, Seneca, was apart of the senate and his primary educator He proved to Claudius that his brother, Britannicus was not his son His first public appearance was in the Forum promised the people and the soldiers the gift of money Conducted trials as judge with Claudius in office He married Octavia, Claudius daughter Began his reign with an appearance of family and loyalty Spoke in praise of Claudius and deified him at his funeral Greatest honours were given to his father, Domitius He let his mother manage everything public or private Established a colony at Antium Spent lots of money on building a harbor He corrupted young boys and seducted married woman He had desires for sexual pleasures with his own mother and was prevented by her enemies Claudius was the first of his family to be murdered, and Nero knew about it Praised mushrooms as the food of the Gods Made fun of his father after death in cruelty Nero tried to kill Britannicus with poison Gave Locusta, who made the poison a large estate as her reward He married twice after Octavia Very intrigued with poetry
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