HIST 1400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Latin American Debt Crisis, Pope Francis, Chicago Boys

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14 Jun 2017
Pope Francis: Re-welcoming Liberation Theology?
Head of Argentine Jesuits during Dirty War; Discouraged Jesuit
politicization during military dictatorship
Does not use term “LT” but supports many of its basic ideas
Sept. 2013 & Feb. 2014: Welcomes Father Gutierrez, LT Founder
Growth of Protestantism
With defeat of LT, former LT strongholds turn to Protestantism, esp:
Rapid Growth:
-1980s:18.6 million
-2000: 64 million plus 8,000 daily converts
Why the success?
-LT’s goals
Neoliberalism: The Third Conquest?
1960s & 70s: LA borrows a lot of money from foreign creditors
(mostly for national development )
—> 1980s: Latin American DEBT CRISIS. Begins era of
End to economic nationalism of 1930s
IMF: Proposes debt restructuring on its own terms
Privatize state-run industries & public services
Slash import tariffs & state subsidies —> Severe consequences for
local producers, farmers
“Lowering borders” i.e. NAFTA (N.Am Free Trade Agreement) —
but NOT for drugs or people.
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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