HIST 1400 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Mariel Boatlift, Cuban Revolution, Special Period

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Published on 14 Jun 2017
Fordham University
HIST 1400
Chile’s 9-11: Allende & Pinochet
The Mariel Boatlift and the “special Period”
1980: Carter Admin opens Cuban-American access to island
—> Exodus April-Oct
Collapse of Soviet Union = devastate Cuba
Special Period 1001-96: Cuban living standards plummet
Today conditions much better
Embargo: Myth of Reality?
Legacies of the Cuban Revolution: Social Reforms &
Women’s Rights
Free: Education; medical care; reproductive rights; social security;
child car, maternity leave; rent
1975 Cuban Family Code: Discrimination ag. Women and girls
outlawed, even in family
Federation of Cuban Women (FMC): Government oversight of
women’s progress
Chile’s Democratic Tradition
Nearly uninterrupted democracy for 150 years since independence
Social Transformation through democratic means
Long history of Left participation in electoral politics and alliances
Military seen as committed to legalism
Model not possible elsewhere in LA?
-Was 1973 Pinochet Coup unique case, or not?
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Legacies of the cuban revolution: social reforms & Women"s rights: free: education; medical care; reproductive rights; social security; child car, maternity leave; rent, 1975 cuban family code: discrimination ag. Women and girls outlawed, even in family: federation of cuban women (fmc): government oversight of women"s progress. Chile"s political economy: strong economic nationalism since 1880s. Balmaceda (suicide 1891: extreme concentration of land and wealth (latifundia) 2% of farms own 78% of cultivable land: copper mining. Allende: victory of popular unity (unidad popular) coalition: Socialist, communists, and left wing of christian democrats (mapu) - win 36% of vote: salvador allende > president; marxist; socialist oarty candidate marxism through democracy no contradiction. The chilean road to socialism : gradual rather than immediate change. Critics of allende: us: cia & kissinger, middle class, left: revolution from below. Mapu & mir (movement of the revolutionary left) Peasants: still, popular unity coalition increases in support.

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