THEO 1000 Lecture 6: Types of Judaism and Sacred Texts

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Judaism (continued)
I. Reform Judaism
a. Most liberal
b. Women & gay people can be ordained
c. Worship given in the vernacular language
d. More relaxed about the law
e. Emphasis on social justice
f. Reform Jews see their national identity first and their Jewish identity second
g. Largest percentage of Jews are reform in the U.S.
h. Intermarriage with non-Jews is okay
II. Conservative
a. Women & gay people can be ordained
b. Worship service done in Hebrew
c. Strict/traditional in worship, but not so much in culture/politics
d. Stricter than Reform in following laws
III. Orthodox
a. Most conservative
b. Only men can be rabbis
c. Synagogue worship is separated by gender (sit separately)
d. Worship given only in Hebrew
e. Most strict about the law
f. Jewish identity first, thought of as living in exile, not a part of national identity
g. Two types:
i. Ultra Conservative
1. Hasidic Jews, no intermarriage allowed, a man’s job is to study the
Torah, don’t hold regular jobs
ii. Modern Orthodox
1. Work and engage in society, men wear yamakas 24/7
h. An example to differentiate: a Conservative Jew may make sure their dishes are
very clean before Passover so as not to contaminate with yeast, whereas an
Orthodox Jew would two sets of plates for Passover
IV. Vocabulary
a. Tanakh the entire Hebrew Bible
i. Torah the first five books
ii. Neviim the prophets (Isaiah, Amos, etc.)
iii. Ketuvim writings (Psalms, Esther, Proverbs)
b. Kashrut Jewish dietary laws (subset of mitzvoth), way of encouraging Jews to
stay with their people
c. Mitzvoth (a second meaning) a good deed done out of religious obligation
d. Yamaka comes from temple worship, must cover head when in presence of
God, it reminds you that you are always in the presence of God
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