GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Settler Colonialism, Great Divergence, Globalism

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geography
Spring 2017
Global Impact
Reshaping the world
Implications for Europe
Ecological transformation
The Columbian exchange
Places now in contact that had been separated for geological eras
Physical movement of people and commodities
Ecological complexes in north America: squash, tomatoe, corn, potatoes
become available to Europe and to the rest of the world
Wheat and barely and oats and rice in part from West Africa
The factory system associated with industrial revolution
Colonialism’s Global Impact
Ecological Transformation
The Columbian Exchange
Human connection made between Americas and Europe during first cycle of
colonialsm: movement of products (plants and animals)
Important impact: disease
Americas were source of free money for European colonizing powers: gold
and silver
Effort made to get money out of Americas and have it circulate in Europe
British also stole gold off Spanish ships
Movement of gold and silver across pacific: much more hazardous trip, much
less well known
Population Relocation
3 broad vectors of global migration
first, settler colonialism: movement of European populations into lands being
Irish to America and Canada
British convicts to Australia
Exerting European control over distant lands by relocating populations
Concern that there were too many people living in Europe
Argument about food and human nature, reproduction will outgrow
natural basis
Colonies neat solution for this problem
Second, vector of slavery: cheap labor force for agricultural production in
South America and southern US
Third: south asia and China populations in form of indentured labor
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