GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Historical Geography, Iberian Peninsula, Indirect Rule

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geog
Spring 2017
Patterns of Biodiversity
Where does biodiversity tend to be highest
IN the tropics
Greater Primary productivity
Greatest solar radiation
High amounts of water
Helps higher trophic levels
Hot Spots
Tend to be in tropical areas as well
U.S. has spots in place with high gradients in terms of altitudes
Global Warming Six Americas
Six categories Americans fall into concerning their view on global warming
Know all six categories
Question might ask why there is an apparent fifty fifty split in opinion
Reason for this is because those who believe strongly will be much
more active in their cause
How is water conservation
Stored behind dams for other reasons besides simply hydro electric power
King Leopold’s Ghost
Brutal form of colonization in Africa
Today: colonialism and the globe
Thursday: colonialism and the colonized
What is colonialism?
The direct occupation of geographical territory inhabited by other people
Reshaping what happens in that territory in the interest of the colonizing power
Settler colonies: The united states= example
Europeans moving to that country and displacing indigenous populations
Become places that are largely European
Indirect rule
Colonizing power does deal with indigenous rulers
Wishes of colonizing power enacted by indigenous elites
Direct Rule
Colony is taken over and run directly by colonizing power
Pushing out whatever indigenous leaders there are
External influence
Broader colonialism has great impact even though never directly colonized
Chinese empire never directly occupied by European powers
European powers maintained treaty ports outside of china but never went deep
into land
What happened in China was very much shaped by colonial strategies of
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