GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Drago Doctrine, American Imperialism, Andre Gunder Frank

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geography
Spring 2017
Colonial Era
Very little thinking written down by indigenous carried over into European literature
Naoroji: elite figure in Indian society
Cotton trader
First Indian to be appointed as a professor in India
Short period of time as a member of Parliament in UK
Drain theory: colonialism is draining India of indigenous, natural, human
Rather than seeing colonialism as bringing modernization to India, saw it as
Cuban figure
Very active in movement against US expansionism and imperialism
Colonizing countries given right to protect liberty of their subject while in
Drago Doctrine
Response to American doctrine like Monroe doctrine
Agreement among Latin American countries that European countries and the
US could not intervene militarily inside countries to collect debt
Didn’t last very long, US pushed back against it and got it modified
People had to come together in former colonies to engage in collective actions
Different sense of what colonialism means here
Some similar perspective among first world thinkers
Edmund Burke
Conservative figure in liberal times
When Europe and UK are adopting liberal principles of Locke and Smith and
using them to rationalize colonialism
From Ireland
Valued traditional forms of life that were being erased in many colonial
Argued against using lens of liberalism to force change on societies
Never had much influence in this way
Jim Blaut’s model of the world
The colonizer’s model of the world
Argued passionately against presumption that there was something special
about Europe that allowed it to prosper and take advantage of colonialism
Europe wasn’t special in terms of culture,
Europe was simply lucky enough to be in right place at right time, able to
exploit Americas because closer
Succeeding as result of ability to extract resources out of colonies
Development Era: After 1945
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