GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Inside Out Music

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geography
Spring 2017
Colonialism and the colonized
Geographic impacts
Indigenous geographies inside-out
Appropriating the best locations
Displacement and spatial segregation
Socio-cultural impacts
Turning Indigenous Geographies inside out
See graph: arrows represent the ways in which people are interacting in society,
internally oriented before colonialism; after colonialism, the whole scheme becomes
getting stuff out, primary focus toward outside world
Railroads: colonial imprint, railroads designed to get things out (Congo example)
Developing places as white settler colony
Argentine and urguay: dense railroad networks, very much white settler colonies with
very few indigenous peoples
India: not white settler colony but massive land mass with ocean on both sides, well
connected and important railroad network for internal transportation
Appropriating the Best Locations
Europeans would enter tropical climates and feel uncomfortable, within tropical
climates, you could live comfortably as European in highlands
Europeans gravitated toward highland locations and key resource locations
Kenya: white spaces and railroads
Highland areas inland where Europeans decided to live and could live
More productive locations agriculturally
Railroad enabled populations to move in and out of the country
Zimbabwe: certain areas set aside for European populations, good farming areas,
other areas set aside for wildlife
Part of process of selecting good locations was also a displacement of people
Displacement and spatial segregation
African populations live highly concentratedly where they are displaced
Double disadvantage: agricultural productivity lower, being packed onto land
in high density
South Africa
Free states, homelands, white areas
British invention
Introduced to control indigenous populations
Enthusiastically adopted by independent Dutch Afrikaners
Apartheid city: cities even organized into different districts, town planning,
zoning the city
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