GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Subaltern Studies, Postdevelopment Theory, Eurocentrism

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geography
Spring 2017
Globalization and Third World Perspectives
Post colonial theory
Post-development theory
Maybe development is a bad idea in first
Question wheter development is what we should be trying to achieve
Post-Prefixed theories (of development)
Post modernism
Post structuralism
Post colonialism
Post development
Creating space for all kinds of local perspective and practices to emerge
Being located in the third world and not being white has fundamental
problems for realizing goals
Western education is bad for people ein the third world
Teach our values and not what is locally appropriate
Not solution to helping people in the third world
Post-Colonial Theory
Emerges initially out of India
Living in independent India
Try to transform india from colony to industrial power
Newly independent leaders had very negative attitude toward average peasent;
needed to be civilized, seen as dumb, same attitude colonizers had
But peasents were not being transformed into modern citizens, resisting that
Subaltern studies group: maybe we need to learn something from peasents
rather than assume they need to be modernized
When they speak, we cannot hear what they say because we live in very
different worlds; need to take seriously and learn these perspectives, very
difficult to do
Chakravorty: by creating stages of development, thinking of it this way, we are
devaluing countries that haven’t achieved that goal, instead of looking at difference,
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