GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 29: Fairtrade Certification, Fair Trade Usa

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geography
Spring 2017
What are benefits of Free Trade?
Swiss info videos
Average income increased by 30%
Livlihoods generally increase
Better training
Greater harvest yields
Better quality goods
Better price for products
Strengthening organizations of small farmers, some of which are in remote
Less than 10% of world’s cocoa and coffee produced under fair trade label
People treated fairly and with dignity
Environment respected and nourished
commerce fosters sustainable livelihoods and communities in a global
society based on cooperation and solidarity;
diverse mechanisms and pathways to justice are important, including fair
market opportunities and fair government and trade policy, in order to
value, defend, and support the contributions of farmers, workers, and
artisans to our global society;
insisting on integrity in marketing claims is necessary including those that
rely on third party certification labels, promoting fairness throughout
entire supply chains, and supporting dedicated brands that put people
before profits.
Empower marginalized communities: small scale farmers and artizans,
food and apparel workers
Educated consumers marketers and manufactureers about gonsumption
Pressure companies to improve sourcing, fair labor
Promotion of a just economy
Facilitate dialogue between movements working for a just economy
Fair Trade Certified goods are paid fair prices and wages, work in safe
conditions, protect the environment and receive community development
funds to empower and uplift their communities. Fair Trade USA educates
consumers, brings new manufacturers and retailers into the Fair Trade
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