GEOG 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 32: Global City, Gated Community, Abu Dhabi

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12 Jul 2020
Geog 102
Cultural Geography
Spring 2017
Global cities: Aspiration
Creating out of mega cities-global cities
See discource of making southern cities northern
Also other Asian examples now too
Singapore of Surabaya
Create gated community for people to feel like they are living in Singapore in
Third world cities used as reference point
Shanghai has become another example in 3rd world to aspire to
Another 3rd world example: Dubai
Urban environment stamped out of nothing based on wealth and clever
Starting to see idea of own modern architecture
Capital city of Malaysia: built self consciously using modern Muslim
Making Global Cities: ‘Best’ practice
Making these cities into globally competitive locations where any capitalist in the
world would want to invest
First world agencies in the business of trying to figure out how to do this
Hernando de Soto
Formalizing private land markets
The Mystery of Capital: why capitalism triumphs in West and Fails
everywhere else
Everyone in slum is potentially in entrepenuer who can figure out how to get
rich is he has means to do it
More than anything else, people in slums don’t have property ownership
If you own that house you could use that to finance your business
If you don’t, you have nothing to bring to market to start your business
Governments in the third world should be giving property rights to residents
in the slums
2nd recommendation: governments in the third world overregulate economic
activities; need to make it easier for people to start businesses; reducing role
of government in shaping economic sector
private property idea has become an initiative across third world
Westernizing property relations, replacing indigenous
Development challenges by form urbanization is taking in third world
3 features of urbanization as it plays out in third world after colonialism
creates different experience than urbanization in first world
extreme concentration of urban populations in relatively few really large cities
speed with which urbanization happens, massive rate of growth, massive numbers of
people migrating
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