PSYCH 104 Lecture 23: Psych 104 - Lecture 23

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Published on 5 Oct 2020
Psych 104
Social Psych
Spring 2019
Controlled vs. Automatic Processing
Controlled: performance/thought concentration
mind is actively engaged, you are cognitively active
first learning to drive (gas vs. break, mirrors)
perform more slowly, more effort
concentrated behavior
single task oriented
put into controlled when:
difficult or novel task
high motivation
individual difference: need for cognition
there’s a scale called “need for cognition scale” that measures the
degree to which you’ll be in control processing and automatic
processing, people like it better when they’re really thinking about
it if they’re high on the need for cognition scale.
Automatic: performance/thought with little awareness
drive car and talk on cell phone, sing with radio
perform more quickly, less effort
often inflexible (automatic) behavior
we don’t think about brushing our teeth, we rely on muscle memory
and don’t think about it.
put into automatic when:
routine task
easy tasks
low motivation
Social Cognition Biases:
more likely under:
automatic processing
low need for cognition
“Cognitive Miser” behavior in general
human beings tend to be cognitive miser, meaning that if we can
get away with it, we try to not put a lot of concentration into
things; concentrating is difficult and tiring, so we tend to fall prey
to wanting to use automatic cognition.
“Can I cut in front of you because….” Study; if
people heard the word “because” they just let the
person cut in front of them, even if the person said
…” because I need to make copies”.
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