PSYCH 104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 31: Classical Conditioning, Psych, Conditioned Taste Aversion

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5 Oct 2020
Psych 104
Social Psych
Spring 2019
Reasoned Action Model (Theory of Planned Behavior)
The best predictor of behavior is to ask their behavioral intention.
Then, they said there are certain things that go into their behavioral intention:
Subjective norm
A lot of our behaviors are going to be known to other people. How
much do we care about what other people think about our behavior?
Will the people in our social circle care about this particular behavior?
Perceived behavioral control
can I do this behavior or not? Is it under my control?
*Basically they said all three of these things will be weighed relatively in
forming my behavior intention, and then my behavior intention will predict
my behavior.
* So they said sometimes it will be your attitude that will factor into your
intention, but sometimes it will be the subjective norm, or the other one.
STUDY: wanted to see if incoming freshmen would be sexually active in their first year.
o So they asked about their attitudes towards sexual activity
o They also asked how would their friends feel about sexual activity
For women, attitude had the strong link
For men, they found that the subjective norm had the most affect on their
They started to see that some behaviors weren’t actually under behavioral control. If
behaviors are out of your control or in your control, this changes your behavioral
PICTURE: perceived behavioral control also has its own separate link to behavior,
because if people don’t think they can do it or don’t know how, then they won’t do the
Attitude Change Theories:
1. Learning Theories
2. Cognitive Motivation/Balance
3. Persuasion Approaches
1. Learning Theories:
Classical conditioning (automatic responses)
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