ANTH 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Keith H. Basso, Anthropological Linguistics, Placemaking

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12 Jun 2018
Anth. 120 Week Six Lecture Notes
The author of Wisdom Sits in Places, Keith Basso, lives in Arizona near/in the Apache
reservation there.
Western Apache didn’t want English maps for the reservation, but rather the Apache
names and landmarks to help signify this was Apache land. So Basso worked with a
group to go out and survey these landmarks to create the cartography.
Western Apache
Place making, place worlds
Place making, the stories about a place that make it what it is
Place worlds, the outcome of these stories the final product/world of all
these stories come together
Names quote the ancestors
Thus it’s important to pronounce the names correctly
Speaking with names
Communicative practice, such as the kind of storytelling that occurs in the
books which has moral cultural historical and instructive properties
Way of invoking a story associated with that place
Moral cultural historical instructive
Features of Place-making stories
Told in the present tense
Quoted speech from the ancestors
Concise, clear plot
Verisimilitude (suspension of disbelief accomplished by making things that aren’t
maybe so realistic seem realistic)
Three Paradigms: A History of Approaches
Anthropological linguistics
Focuses on language documentations (such as Boas and Whorf)
Linguistic Anthropology
Focuses on theoretical study of language use
The third paradigm
Addresses anthropological questions using linguistic data and methods
All these paradigms emerged chronologically but are all still used today
First Paradigm Tradition
Boasian tradition
Tells us what is grammatical, what is possible
Documenting place names for instance which Boas did do as well as a similar
thing that was done with the Tewa
However none of this tells us what people do with these resources
Hymes argues for looking at ways of speaking
Second paradigm
S - Setting and scene
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