ANTH 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Heritage Language, Readwrite, Southern Baptist Convention

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12 Jun 2018
Anth. 120 Week Eight Lecture Notes
Possible topics for LB:
Linguistic heritage
Local/regional/social dialects
Growing up multilingual
Learning languages later in life
Learning to read/write, early schooling memories
Literacy practices or registers related to profession
Language in child-rearing
Prayer practices
Designing your interview guide:
Start broad
Tell me about…
Describe for me…
What do you remember about…
What was it like to…
Prefer open-ended questions
Use ‘when, where, what, why how’
Include questions that will elicit stories
What is your earliest memory of…
What happened when…
Can you think of an occasion when…
Also include questions that will elicit opinions
What do you think about…
How do you feel about…
What are your thoughts on…
It’s okay to ask about sensitive issues
Don’t put these questions first
Word them respectfully and straightforwardly
If your interviewee gets emotional, be attentive, listen, give them plenty of
If needed as demographic questions
Don’t ask these first
Name/Age/Occupation/Place of birth/places lived/places studied/family
May be a good idea to organize interview questions chronologically though this is
not necessarily necessary.
How many people in the world are multilingual?
It’s hard to tell…
Number of languages is always changing
Many spoken by only a few people (¼ spoken by less than a thousand
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