ANTH 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Polyamory, Language Ideology, Genderqueer

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12 Jun 2018
Anth. 120 Week Nine Lecture Notes
Language and Gender
Things about speaking/language that allows people to guess someone else’s
gender (a big part of our gender expression)
Pitch range
Intonation curves/patterns
Reactions: listening cues
Address terms: hon, honey, bro, sis
What makes us ‘sound’ our gender?
Our ways of speaking are ways we have been socialized to speak based
on the gender we were socialized as
Gender expression: Can think of as a continuum between feminine and
masculine or anywhere inbetween with androgynous in the middle
Gender identity: The way in which we think about our own gender, who we feel
we are
Gender not equal to sex
Reproductive organs (testes/ovaries)
Genetics (XX/XY)
Around 1 to 2 % of the population are intersex, having male and female sexual
characteristics, about as common as redheads. A physiological variation not
always aligned with gender
Cisgender: Sex aligns with the gender assigned at birth
Transgender: Sex does not align with gender assigned at birth, maybe feels the
opposite gender they were assigned or somewhere in the middle don’t identify
with either gender (non-binary)
Sexuality: The gender/sex to whom we feel attracted to which is also really a
continuum with heterosexual (straight) and homosexual (gay) the two ends of the
spectrum and bisexualiry or polyamory in the middle
Sexual behaviours may not align with our sexuality
Gender is performed, it is something we do and it is collaborative, it is learned
(similar to language socialization) and involves asymmetry
Widespread language ideologies
Women are more talkative
Women’s talk is more cooperative, polite, and collaborative
Men are less talkative
Men’s talk is more competitive, confrontational, and directive
It’s more about social power and position than gender
Lexical features used by people with power:
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