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Lecture 33

BIOL 104 Lecture 33: Lecture 4:18

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BIOL 104

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What we learn from macro-organisms can be applied to the microorgnisms in infectious diseases. We’re going to be talking about the merging of community ecology and population genetics. History— - Clements said Ecology is a succession on plant communitites - Gleason said succession occurs but not in definite order—communities may never achieve equilibirium, plant communities are a mere coincidence, Individualistic Concept of Association, “accidents of dispersal” - Palynogony demonstrated how communities actually form in Margaret Davis’s research o ID’d pollen cores in Rogers Lake sediments and dated with carbon dating o Not all the pollen species arrived at the same time! o She tried to understand changes in plant demography due to glaciation - Dave Tilman—changes in the quality of competitive interactions along a nutrient gradient determine plat community and diversity; observed that plant diversity should be greatest at intermediate levels of productivity o There’s a picture for this in the powerpoint (4/18) o High resource ability causes competitive dominance and captures resources at the expense of other species; the community gets dominated by these few competitors o Resource ratio is a way of thinking about a niche - Animal ecologists were talking about niches—defined rigorously by G. Evelyn Hutchinson
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