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Lecture 36

BIOL 104 Lecture 36: Lecture 4:25

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BIOL 104

What makes climate change a moral problem? Environmental ethics considers which interests are morally important, who has moral responsibility, and whether we have moral duties to nonhuman animals and to nature. Moral obligations—reciprocity with other people Climate change is a perfect molar storm - the main components make it super hard for us to change even though we recognize that we need to - and this leads to moral corruption This is because - dispersion of causes and effects - fragmentation of agency - institutional inadequacy These manifest in the spatial and temporal dimension in the global problem and intergeneration problem, respectively. Emissions of greenhouse gases from any location travel to the upper atmosphere and play a role in affecting the climate globally. - Our institutions can try to set rules for us since we form collective entities—states, nations, corporations, etc. - These all need to work together - Getting people together to start to agree is hard - We all have different intere
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