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Lecture 24

HIST 099 Lecture 24: Lecture 3:29

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HIST 099
Collins James

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Context • Louis XIV succeeded by Louis XV (XIV’s great grandson), because Louis XIV had one surviving son • That surviving son had two sons, one became king of Spain and the other had two more sons; one of them survives the smallpox outbreak and becomes king when Louis XIV dies • He became King when he was 4-5, but he had to have a regent, who was Phillip Darlian, the son of Phillipe (Louis XIV’s brother) • Louis XV eventually does rule, dies in 1774—has entered a ton of wars and bankrupted France • Louis XVI was Louis XV’s grandson, he was socially awkward and was married to Marie Antoinette • Louis XVI made a lot of reforms for a more progressive France • 1787—Louis tarts making more reforms, he also did fund a lot of the American revolution • 1789—the revolution starts • Louis XVI goes into hiding with Marie Antoinette—“Flight to Varennes” (Varennes is where they were caught, not where they were going) • He’s seen as a traitor for trying to run away and so he and Marie Antoinette were beheaded • M. Necker is Louis XVI’s financial minister French Overview reading— • Chronology of the revolution • Different parties at play during the French revolution o Distinguishes between the orders, etc. • Per-capita voting—the clergy and the nobles would vote together to block the 3 estate • Taxes o Direct tax—income tax; they did not have a graduated scale; the “vingtiène” meant that everyone paid 20% of their income in taxes
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