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Experiment 4 Rubric

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CHEM 1211K

Chem 1211K Grading Rubric for Exp 4. Quantum Mechanics –Window to Atomic Structure Fall 2012 There is a error on page 52 of the lab manual: DATA WORKUP 3. It should read: For each wavelength hc observed for hydrogen, and the 410 nm violet line, calculate E from equation 2: ΔE nhν  λ I. Cover Sheet (5pts) II. Data/ Results (50 pts) Calculate the spacing between grooves for the diffraction grating in the slide holder (4 pts) Table 1. Continuous Spectrum Data from White-light Emission; (6 pts) Table 2. Color of observed lines, wavelength of observed spectral lines and assignment of n initial4 pts) The violet line cannot be seen by the human eye but is at 410 nm. (violet, blue-violet, blue-green & red) 2 Table 3. 1/n initiald E (J) for the Balmer Series (8 pts) Use eqn 2. to calculate E Note: All energies gaps calculated for atomic emission are negative. 2 Plot 1. E (y-axis) vs. 1/n initial-axis) for H-atom emission lines (8 pts) Figure 1. Labeled diagram of the Atomic Line Spectra of ________ atom. (4 pts) (Drawings can be a fairly rough appoxim
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