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Lecture 12

COE 2001 Lecture 12: module 12

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College of Engineering
Course Code
COE 2001
Whiteman Wayne

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Mod 12 Leaming outcomes a define The moment Tor roque) of a couple define how to cacuare a moment due ho a couple usng The scalar Me Thad vector menod H Sdre a problem dermining me moment due to a couple Momen of a cape tondenou of a par of forces ro cause roration of a body Forces are: -equal in magnitude act aong parallel LOA -oppocite direct ons couples are a Pree vector same rotation effect onywhere on body reckor Approach. ayampe. Given me pair af fores F each with magnitude 50lbs a determine he total moment about point A scalar Approach Rdhow arrows Where force is IMATE F dL, F d achr4 Point doesn't conmibu o MA ne moment Vector Approach force F on The right 40 MN 820 in -lb k
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