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Computer Science
CS 1100
Katherine Raczynski

OMS CS SPRING 2017 ORIENTATION INFORMATION Welcome to the Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMS CS) program! The faculty and staff at the College of Computing are looking forward to working with you for the duration of your time at Georgia Tech. We encourage you to watch our introductory videos online that will cover many of the topics in this document: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtYJ8HXD0d7BRjUZSYJhLz5_nLX5GvXRG​. You also can access onboarding information online at ​http://www.omscs.gatech.edu/online-ms-cs/omscsportal/onboarding​. SECTION A. ACADEMIC POLICIES As a Georgia Tech student, you are responsible for knowing these academic policies and information: ● Academic Catalog: ​Website ● Academic Honor Code: ​Website ● Student/Faculty Expectations: ​Website SECTION B. FOUNDATIONAL COURSE REQUIREMENT 1. You have one calendar year from the time you matriculate to complete the foundational course requirement. 2. If this is your first term as a new admit, you have Spring 2017, Summer 2017, and Fall 2017 to complete this requirement. 3. The foundational course requirement is a minimum grade of “B” in two foundational courses. 4. The foundational courses are those with an asterisk (*) listed on the “​Current Courses​” page under the Program Information tab on the OMS CS Home Page. 5. If at any point during the first three consecutive terms after you matriculate you make less than a “B” in a foundational course, that term still counts as part of your one-year time frame to complete the requirement. ○ For example, if you earn a “C” or below during your first semester (Spring 2017), you still would have two semesters (Summer 2017 and Fall 2017) to fulfill the requirement, as long as you have not been academically dismissed (please see Section K. FAQ #37 for information regarding academic standing). ○ To clarify further, you do not need to fulfill the foundational requirement with the first two courses you enroll in as part of the OMS CS program — you simply need to fulfill the requirement within the one-year time frame (again, as long as you abide by the Institute’s guidelines for academic standing). 6. If at any point during the first three consecutive terms after you matriculate you withdraw from a foundational course, that term still counts as part of your one-year time frame to complete this requirement. 7. For new Spring 2017 students who matriculate this semester, you will be restricted to enrolling only in foundational courses until you have satisfied the foundational course requirement. SECTION C. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS You may view the cu ​ rren​t MS CS degree requirements here. The OMS CS program has the same DEGREE REQUIREMENTS as the on-campus MS CS but offers fewer areas of specialization and fewer courses. 1. Students must complete 30 credit hours (10 total courses) for the OMS CS degree. 2. Students must declare one specialization. 15-18 hours comprise the “Area of Specialization”. 3. The remaining 12-15 hours comprise CS/CSE “free” electives. The electives are any OMS CS course not used in the “Area of Specialization”. 4. The thesis and project options are ​not​ available to online students. OMS CS is a course-only program. 5. Students must earn at least a “B” in all courses in their chosen “Area of Specialization”. 6. Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 to graduate. 7. Students must complete the OMS CS degree in six years as per the Institute’s policy (​http://www.catalog.gatech.edu/academics/graduate/masters-degree-info/​). Therefore, if you matriculate during the Spring 2017 term, you must fulfill the degree requirements by the end of the Fall 2022 term. 8. If you previously completed courses at Georgia Tech, specifically undergraduate/graduate Computer Science (CS) or other CS-related undergraduate/graduate courses, you will be responsible for researching whether or not the course(s) are considered to be “equivalent” to OMS CS courses, as these credits cannot count toward your OMS CS degree. 9. Additional program information can be found here: ​http://www.omscs.gatech.edu/program-information​. 10. The following “Areas of Specialization” (​http://www.omscs.gatech.edu/program-info/specializations​) are available through the OMS CS degree: ● Computational Perception and Robotics (​http://www.omscs.gatech.edu/specialization-computational-perception-robotics​) ● Computing Systems (​http://www.omscs.gatech.edu/specialization-computing-systems​) ● Interactive Intelligence (​http://www.omscs.gatech.edu/specialization-interactive-intelligence​) ● Machine Learning (​http://www.omscs.gatech.edu/specialization-machine-learning​) SECTION D. REGISTRATION TIME TICKETS Your time ticket will tell​ you the specific​ ate and time​ you are allowed to b​ egin registering for classes​. ● You will be able to view your time ticket on Tuesday, January 3 at 6:00pm ET. To check your time ticket in OSCAR, follow these directions: 1. Go to the ​BuzzPort Home Page​. 2. Sign in using your GT credentials. 3. Click Registration, and that will take you to OSCAR. 4. On the OSCAR main menu, choose Student Services & Financial Aid. 5. Click Registration, then Registration Status. 6. Click Spring 2017 for Term and hit SUBMIT. 7. This page will display a time at which your Registration Time Ticket will begin. Also, if you have any holds or outstanding issues, they will appear here. Please note that time ticket assignment is based on earned hours. The time tickets are issued by the Registrar’s Office, and the OMS CS advising office unfortunately has no control over the process. We do not know the allocation of time tickets until they are released to students. SECTION E. REGISTRATION HOLDS 1. Once your account is activated, you must check to see if you have any holds that might prevent registration. Instruction on how to view holds is available online: ​Holds​. 2. If you have a hold on your account, you ​MUST​ clear it before you can register for classes. ​You must contact the department who placed the hold, as the department who placed the hold is the ​only department who can remove the hold. ● If you have a Graduate Admissions HOLD: G ​ raduate Studies is missing documentation (probably your final official transcript). Please refer to your checklist in CollegeNet for detailed information. If you have any additional questions regarding these documents, please contact Graduate Studies at [email protected]​ or call 404.894.1610. ➢ If you are located in the Atlanta area and wish to drop off your documentation instead of mailing it, you may do so. Graduate Studies is located in the Savant Building (Room 318) on the Georgia Tech campus. ➢ If you prefer to mail your documents to Graduate Studies, see SECTION K: FAQs for their mailing address. ➢ If your institution releases official transcripts electronically, please send them to [email protected]​. ➢ Please note: If you are a new student starting Spring 2017, you will not have a missing document hold placed on your account for transcripts until ​after​ Phase II registration has ended. However, you will want to ensure that you submit all required official transcripts/documents to avoid future holds. ● If you have a Lawful Presence HOLD: ​Only the documents listed ​here​ can be used to clear this hold. Go to the ​Graduate Studies Home Page​ under “New & Current Students” and click “Lawful Presence”. For questions, please send an email to ​[email protected]​. ● If you have an Immunization HOLD:​ Send an email to ​[email protected]​ and request a Wa​ iver Request Form. Once the waiver is submitted, it is valid for ​one year from the date it is signed. ​ “Distance Learners” do not require proof of immunization but ​must complete the yearly waiver. SECTION F. REGISTER FOR CLASSES **New Spring 2017 Admitted Students: Please refer to the email that this document was attached to regarding specific information for Spring 2017 registration.** ● Registration dates can be found on the ​Academic Calendar​ on the Registrar’s website. ● Registration begins on ​Thursday, January 5 and ends on Friday, January 13 at 4:00pm ET. ● Check your time ticket to see the exact day and time you can begin registering. ● You will ​NOT​ be able to add/drop classes ​AFTER​ 4:00pm ET on Friday, January 13. To prepare for registration: 1. First, be sure your status in BuzzPort is “Student Status” and NOT “Applicant Status”. You may not activate your GT account until that changes, and ​it will change about a week before registration begins.​ **​Please do not contact our office prior to the week before registration regarding this, as advisors are unable to change BuzzPort statuses.** ​To check your status: ● Log in to BuzzPort (​http://buzzport.gatech.edu/​). ● Select Registration – OSCAR (this can be found under the Registration and Student Services panel on the right side). ● Select Student Services & Financial Aid. ● Select Registration. ● Select Registration Status. ● Select the Spring 2017 term. ● Click SUBMIT. 2. Activate your GT email account here: ​https://faq.oit.gatech.edu/content/how-do-i-activate-my-gt-account​. 3. The Institute, as well as the department, will use this email address as your official contact. ​You are ​ required to keep it active, and you are ​expected to read your email DAILY (​http://www.catalog.gatech.edu/rules/3/​). This is true even if you are sitting out a semester. 4. The courses that are available for Spring 2017 can be found ​by performing a search in OSCAR. 5. Most online courses will have a section of “O” (example: O01, O02, etc.). At this time, the exception is CS ​ 8803 GA ​Graduate Algorithms. 6. Registration is first come, first served, so you will want to register as soon as possible after your time ticket begins. 7. You can narrow your search in the Schedule of Classes by designating the Campus to “Online”. Please keep in mind that there are multiple “CSE” classes offered in Spring; therefore, be sure to do a search on both “CS” and “CSE” for a full listing of the online courses offered. The search for CS is “Computer Science”, and the search for “CSE” is Computational Science and Engineering. 8. For detailed registration information, please follow this link: ​Registration Instructions​. 9. We strongly recommend that new students start with only one class. ● During the Fall and Spring semesters only, students can take up to two courses (6 hours) until they have completed the foundational requirement, at which point they may take up to three courses (9 hours). ● Please note that due to limited resources, students can enroll in only one course during the Summer semester. 10. The best way for a student to confirm that he or she has registered successfully for a course is from the "Student Detail Schedule" section of OSCAR. Follow the directions below: ● Log in to BuzzPort (​http://buzzport.gatech.edu/​). ● Select Registration – OSCAR (this can be found under the Registration and Student Services panel on the right side). ● Select Student Services & Financial Aid. ● Select Registration. ● Select Student Detail Schedule. ● Select the current term. **This will show, in detail, the courses for which you have registered successfully, as well as all waitlisted courses (if any).** 11. Course materials will be available sometime during the first week of classes (anytime between January 9 and January 13). Unfortunately, we do not have control over when course materials will be available, nor do we have any additional information as to exactly when course materials will be available. You can also refer to the student-run OMS CS Google + webpage (​https://plus.google.com/communities/108902554607547634726​) as a way to see if other students have received access to their course materials. ● If you register for a course during the first week that classes begin, please note that it can take up to 24 hours​ before you can access your course materials. If after this period of time you still cannot access your course materials, please contact ​[email protected]​. 12. If you try to register for a course and receive an error message, please refer to the link: http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/registration/error.php​ for an explanation of what the message means. ​ ● If you receive the ​“OPEN - # WAITLISTED” error message, this means that you are trying to register for a course(s) that does not have any open seats. It may appear as though the course has seats available; however, the open seats are reserved for students on the wait list. ● If you receive the “COHORT RESTRICTION” error message, this is because you are attempting to enroll in a non-foundational course but have not yet satisfied the foundational requirement. ​No exceptions will be made as far as overriding this error message. ● If you receive the “CAMPUS RESTRICTION” error message, this is because you are attempting to enroll in a non-online course/section. As a reminder, any online course will have a section of “O” (example: O01, O02, etc.). ● If you receive the “DUPL CRSE WITH SEC-XXXXX” error message, this is because you are attempting to register for two special topics courses that have the same course number (ex: CS 8803). You will need a duplicate course permit to register for both. In order to proceed with this request, please contact ​[email protected]​ to request this. Please be sure to include your full name, nine-digit GT ID number (90X-XX-XXXX), and the name of the course you are attempting to add to your schedule. If A Course is CLOSED… ● Once the registration cap has been reached for a course, the course is full. In order to request a seat in a closed course, you must follow the instructions in SECTION G. WAITLISTING FOR A CLOSED COURSE. We ​DO NOT​ accept requests for overrides. ● Please note that the OMS CS advising team ​cannot​ register students for courses and/or add students to wait lists. Students must follow the procedures that have been outlined in this orientation document. ● Please ​DO NOT​ email a professor to seek permission to enroll in his/her course, as professors have no control over this. Again, students must follow the procedures that have been outlined in this orientation document. SECTION G. WAITLISTING FOR A CLOSED COURSE Waitlisting is ​not​ registration or enrollment in a course. Waitlisting allows students to add to a wait list for a course that is closed. Once a student has waitlisted for a course section, he or she will receive a notification email ​IF​ a seat becomes available in that section, and he or she is the next student on the wait list. Waitlisted students are notified on a “first come, first served” basis. Things to know about waitlisting: ​ Checking your wait list number: The best way for a student to check his/her wait list number is from the "Student Detail Schedule" section of OSCAR. Please follow the directions below: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ school (withdraw from ALL of your courses for the current term). ● If you withdraw from school in the Spring 2017 semester, you still can register for a Summer 2017 course. However, if you sit out two or more consecutive semesters, you will have to apply for readmission (​http://registrar.gatech.edu/students/readmission.php​). Please note that the summer semester counts toward the two consecutive semesters. ● If you withdraw from a course, you will receive a “W”. A “W” is visible on your transcript, but it has no impact on your GPA. If you reta
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