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Georgia Institute of Technology
International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

Foreign Policy 10/23/2012 11:04:00 AM What is foreign policy? Foreign policies are:  Strategies govs use to guide their actions toward other states, sometimes encapsulated in a doctrine.  Foreign policy process o Is a set of procedures and structures that states use to arrive at foreign policy decisions along with their implementation  Foreign policy analysis o Is the study of the strategies and processes Approaches to foreign policy analysis Does rationality explain all decisions? Graham T. Allison  Identified the inherent limits of rational individualist explanations of foreign policy.  What were the other important context and inputs?  Used experience observing the Cuban Missile Crisis as a case study  How did Kennedy arrive at his decision?  Three lenses o Rational actor o Organization behavior o Governmental politics Rational Actor Model  Encapsulated in the process described in previous slide o Individual actor vs. state/
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