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International Affairs
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INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

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Keohane: Realism - Hegemonies: a single power exists in the world (military, economic) that can exert its power on the world o Keohane viewed the US as a hegemonic power post-WWII o When hegemonies fade, cooperation between nations tend to fade away o This did NOT happen following the US’s fade as a hegemony - Hegemonies must control 4 things: o Competitive advantage o Access to resources o Market control - How is international cooperation maintained after the demise of a hegemony? o “To analyze the relationships between hegemony and cooperation, we need a concept of cooperation that is somewhat tart rather than syrupy-sweet.” - Harmony o Each actor’s policies are regarded by others as facilitating the attainment of their goals o Harmony does NOT exist - Cooperation o Each actors policies are regarded by others as hindering the attainment of their goals and attempts are being made to adjust policies. - Discord o Each actors policies are regarded by others as hindering the attainment of their goals and attempts are not being made to adjust policies. - Prisoner’s Dilemma o “Rational choice models have great value but cannot be applied mechanically to world politics.” o Choice and Constraint o Egoism and Anomie  Anomie: a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values - International Regimes o General  Principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures  Specific Constructivism Anarchy is what states make of it Origins - Draws on tradition of social theory - Critical of two notions appearing in neorealism and neoliberalism o Individualism  Do actors have fixed interests?  Does the structure which contains behavior derive from the properties of each actor?  Is their behavior simply constrained by the system? o Materialism  Is power simply the structure that constrains behavior?  Is it simply the arrangement of technology, geography, or position (agency)? Agent/Structure - Why is there a divide between agency and structure? Terms - Objectivity o Based on facts and figures o Constructivism says that there is no objective truth; o reality is something that we agree upon and substantiate; o the world’s reality is one of ideas and concepts; o this creates cultur
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