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Georgia Institute of Technology
International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

Foreign Policy What is Foreign Policy? - The policies that governments apply to their approach to international relations o Security o Trade o Diplomacy - Foreign Policies: strategies that governments use to guide their actions toward other states, sometimes encapsulated in a doctrine o Truman Doctrine o Eisenhower Doctrine o Bush Doctrine o Etc. What is Foreign Policy analysis? - The study of the approach and variation to the approach that nations take when interacting with other nations The Foreign Policy Process - The set of decisions that governments take to come to a decision on how to implement their foreign policy Approaches to Foreign Policy Analysis - Traditional Approach o Focus on the decision maker - Comparative Foreign Policy o Behaviouralism and “pre-theory” - Bureaucratic Structures and Processes o Decision-making during crisis - Cognitive Processes and Psychology o How does the human brain work? - Multilevel, Multidimensional o The general theories o The importance of ideas - The Constructive Turn o Identities before interests Levels of Analysis - Individual o Human nature o Leaders and the belief systems o Personalities o Cognition and perception - Group o Government bureaucracies o Policymaking groups o Interest groups o NGOs - State and Social o Governmental  Political system/policy process o Societal  sociological - Global o Systemic o Balance of power o Global patterns  Economic  International organizations Graham T. Allison - Identified the inherent limits of rational individualist explanations of foreign policy - Wrote a book Essence Decision - Used experience observing the Cuban Missile Crisis as a case stud
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