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International Affairs
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INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

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International Law International Law: The Institution - Formal international institutions need to be preceded by regimes - International Law is a regime - What Is an Institution? o Constitutional Institution  Ex. Sovereignty  These institutions exist because they have been codified in the form of states o Fundamental Institution  Ex. Multilateralism  The idea that to get anything done, we need a multilateral approach o Issue-Specific  Ex. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty  Institutions that form around specific ideas - International Law rests on the basis of treaties and customs - International law is an institution rooted in 18 century to present political thought o Derived “divinely” from the kings of old  Early modern Europe th o In the 19 century, emerging constitutionalism brought forth the idea that sovereignty is derived from consent of the governed - Treaties are the highest form of international law o The idea of reciprocal accord Characteristics of Modern International Law - Based on: o Treaties  Between nations o Customs  Things have been as they always will be  Ex. Freedom of the seas o General Principals of Law  Domestically, there a
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