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International Affairs
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INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

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Environmental Issues - Carrying Capacity: the maximum level of resource exploitation Earth can handle - Ecological Footprint: the land and water resources required to maintain a requisite standard of living o Requisite Standard of Living: the standard of living relative to each nation’s resources Globalization – How is it related to Environment? - Resource acquisition and use is an international issue - Things like acid rain, pollution, etc. don’t have political borders NGO Activism - Creation of NGOs and Silent Spring (1962) o Joined together conservationist and antipollution agendas o Damage to human, animal and birdlife by industrial pesticides like DDT - Failure of political parties to handle environmental disasters o Friends of Earth, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund for Nature o NGOs were a developed world phenomenon Climate Change - CO2 in atmosphere - Earth Temperature o Projected to rise about 4 – 11 degrees by 2099 if no attempts are made to curb it - Montreal Protocol Global Governance on Climate Cha
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