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Georgia Institute of Technology
International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

Nuclear Proliferation - 65%-85%need to be enriched to create a bomb - 1953 o Eisenhower o Speech at UN titled “Atoms for Peace” - Creation of IAEA and signing of non-proliferation treaty creates a world of “haves” and “have- nots” Motivations - Nuclear weapons acquisition o Requires advanced technological infrastructure o Nuclear weapons are also the WMD, the standard by which all other weapons are judged - Why do states choose to pursue a weapon? o Mixture of intent and means to do so o The debate in IR: how do we predict nuclear proliferators  What is the infrastructure like?  Industrial capabilities?  Motive? o Who makes the decision? o Theoretical lenses?  Realism: nuclear weapons are pursued as a means to gain power  Liberalism: nuclear weapons incite cooperation to prevent war Contemporary Debates - Will nuclear deterrence maintain stability in the post-Cold War era? o Kenneth Waltz – Scott Sagan Debate  Waltz: nuclear prevention will work in the post-CW era just as it did during the CW, even as new countries gain nuclear weapons. Horizontal proliferation has been slow and steady and it will give countries time to stabilize.  Sagan
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