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Georgia Institute of Technology
International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

8/30/12 On History and Other Things Population Growth - Beginning around the 1800’s (with the Industrial Revolution) human population took off o Urbanization o Most of the population growth occurred in “undeveloped” countries as opposed to “developed” countries Today’s Modern World - Modernity o Industrialization o Rationalization  reliance on the scientific method has led to massive progress o Political secularization  separation of church and state o Market Economics  trade with other nations o Urbanization  people moving into cities - State Sovereignty o Sovereignty means to have political control over a piece of land - Globalization (How Soccer Explains the World) o Communication has become easier o Time and distance is no longer a concern o Globalizing market economy is accessible to the world over Why the European Historical Focus? - The Rise of the State System - Europe had a massive colonization influence on the world - Europe’s state system was extended to the entire world – the effects are still felt today o Idea: European colonization has led to pretty much all developments in the Americas o Everything depends on the cultural response o European colonization in North America led to a violent revolution and eventual democracy o European Colonization in South America led to several violent revolutions with varied results (Che, Castro…) o SA now has extractive political and economic institutions Antecedents - Greek City State System (Hellas) o 500 BCE – 100 BCE o Alexander the Great - Roman Empire o 200 BCE – 500 o Consolidated parts of the Hellenic and Persian Empires as Rome expanded o Empire stretched from Brittania to North Africa to the Middle East o Stability was drawn from the fact that Rome forced its culture onto those it conquered o In the year 500, Roman empire splits into two - Byzantine Empire o 306-1453 o Rose out of the ashes of the Roman Empire o Charlemagne  consolidated much of western Europe  In Brittain, William of Normandy had named himself William I - Catholic Christendom o 500-1500 o East Roman Empire o Power vested in several emperors and the Pope - Ottoman Empire o 1299-1923 o Parts of the split Islamic
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