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International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

NATO Expansion Realism/Neorealism 1. NATO members would cut military expenditures substantially to rebalance their cost-benefit ratios 2. Members would increasingly engage in disputes over alliance policy due to less cohesion as function of decreased threat – NATO’s original mandate is outdated 3. Members would seek a less costly form of international cooperation – moving away from NATO Liberalism/Neoliberalism 1. NATO will use existing norms and procedures to deal with new problems 2. NATO will modify itself (its mandate) as necessary including enduring cuts to its budget and footprint to deal with emerging problems 3. NATO, as a regime, will be utilized and improved by members and others to pursue their constituent and collective goals Constructivism 1. Constructivists would concede all three Liberal points as well as add to it by saying that… Classical Liberalism International Society Classical Realism --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- International Society – differences from other POV - Familiar words, alternate meanings o Realism (Machiaveli)  There is no international society; it is fictitious  Each state pursues its own interest o Rationalism (Grotius)  o Revolutionalism (Kant)  The idea that human bein
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