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International Affairs

2/6/13 Lecture 5 Arab-Israeli Conflict (cont.) - 1948: Britain ended mandate in Israel o UN declared two-state solution o Jews accepted it, Palestinians and Arab states protested - The day after Israel came into existence, all Arab states attacked Israel and it defended itself to a draw - By the end of the 1949 war, there was a cease-fire o Egypt had captured the Gaza Strip o Jordan had invaded the West Bank and East Jerusalem - Israel became part of the UN and Turkey and Iran became the only Arab states to recognize it 1956 Crisis and onwards - Nasser in Egypt, as a nationalist socialist, nationalized the Suez Canal and closed it to Israeli shipping - Israel, UK, and France made a secret agreement to attack Egypt and take the Suez Canal - They managed to capture the Canal but were kicked out by the US - UN peacekeeping forces established their presence in the Suez Canal area - USSR provided assistance to Egypt and Syria o By 1967, Egypt felt it had the power to ask the UN peacekeeping forces to leave – he did and they left - Egypt began attacks on Israel from Syria, Egypt, and other surrounding areas - Egypt and Syria made a pact to come to each other’s aid - Nasser publicly declared he was committed to the destruction of Israel 1967 War - Syrian forces were in the Golan Heights - Jordanian forces were on the West Bank - Egyptian forces were in the Gaza strip - This combination of tactical advantages for the Arabs led Israel to attack first – they struck first with Israeli Air Force o Destroyed entire Egyptian air force o Defended themselves easily against Syria and Jordan o The entire war lasted 6 days - In the end, Israel controlled the Sinai Peninsula, the Jordanian River, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights 1973 War - Bet
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