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Egypt Geography - Water o Red Sea o Nile River o Mediterranean Sea - Borders o Gaza Strip o Israel o Libya o Sudan History - 3200 BC o Upper and lower Egypt united politically for the first tim - 341 BC o Persians take over – later replaced by Byzantines, Greeks, Romans th - 7 Century o Arabs introduce Islam o Rule for 6 centuries - 1250 o Mamluks take control - 1882 o British control begins to protect investments when Egypt fell into debt - 1952 July 23 o Egyptian Revolution – overthrew British and established republic Government - President: Muhammad Mursi (June 30 2012) o 2 four year terms - Prime Minister: Hisham Qandil - Parliament: o Bicameral: Advisory Council and People’s Assembly - Constitution of the Arab Republic o Signed on Dec. 26 2012 o Stronger parliament Population - Ethnic Groups: 99% Egyptian - Language: Arabic - Religion: Sunni Muslim – 99% - Coptic – 9% Economy - 27 GDP world rank - GDP per Capita
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