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Arab-Israeli Conflict A. Origins a. Zionist Movement b. Balfour Declaration B. Developments since 2001 a. Visit to Haram-al-Sharif i. Arial Sharom  his visit was seen as a sign that this area would remain under Israeli control forever b. Taba Summit i. Towards beginning of second intifada c. Sharon selected d. Quartet established e. Roadmap introduced i. George W. Bush – two state solution by 2005 f. Abbas made Prime Minister g. Construction of Separation barrier begins h. Death of Yasser Arafat i. Mahmoud Abbas is made president of Palestinian Authority i. Sharm el-Sheikh Summit i. Second intifada ends, withdrawal from Gaza by Israel j. Hamas won majority in Palestinian Authority i. Decided to take over governments in Gaza Strip and split Palestinian Authority ii. Gaza was, as a result, blockaded k. Netanyahu elected in 2009 l. 2010 Talks i. Obama attempts to initiate direct negotiations again – talks fail m. Palestine granted “Observer State” status in UN in 2012 C. Key Issues in peace talks a. Settlements i. Illegal under article 49 of Geneva Convention ii. Settlement freeze: precondition to talks; when freeze ends, so do talks 1. Current Israeli government refuses to freeze settlements b. West Bank Barrier i. Israelis view it as necessary for security ii. Palestinians view it as a way for Israel to grab more land c. Jerusalem i. Palestinians hope to have East Jerusalem as their capital ii. Israelis consider Jerusalem to be their capital iii. Temple Mount 1. Holiest site in Judaism and third holiest in Islam iv. Right of Return 1. Palestinians feel that refugees have the right to return to Israel due to a UN resolution
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