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Iranian Nuclear Proliferation A. Intro – Global Perspective a. October 1939: Manhattan Project b. August 1945 – Hiroshima c. December 1953: Atoms for Peace i. Nations were given the resources to explore nuclear technology B. NPT a. Five states established as nuclear weapons states i. Three states never signed NPT ii. North Korea withdrew b. Pillars i. Non-prolif ii. Peaceful uses of nuclear energy iii. Gradual disarmament C. Uranium Enrichment a. Most countries use uranium bombs b. Less than 5% U235 c. Highly enriched uranium contains 20% of U235 d. Uranium enrichment is done through heavy and light water reactors D. Uranium Sources a. Uranium is a rare resource found in limited areas in the world b. World’s largest Uranium producers are Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan c. Highly monitored trade E. History of Iranian Nuclear Program a. July 1, 2968: Iran signs NPT b. Ayatollah Khomeini revived nuclear weapons program after Iraq-Iran war F. Post 9/11 Developments a. Iran built heavy water reactor in Arak (2004) b. Ahmadinejad announced that enrichment had reached 20%  enough for a nuclear weapon G. International Response a. 2000: US signed Iran Nonproliferation Act b. UN i. Sanctions began in 2006 ii. Resolutions 1696 and 1737 1. Banned transfer of materials and began sanctions iii. Negotiations have been attempted but all failed 1. Sanctions increased iv. Iranian economy is crippled H. Comparison a. North Korea i. Similarities 1. Approach to negotiations – pull out last minute 2. Both heavily sancti
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