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Lecture 4

CRIM 490 Lecture 4: CRIM 490 week 4 gang controlled sex trafficking notes

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CRIM 490

CRIM 490 WEEK 4 GANG CONTROLLED SEX TRAFFICKING NOTES Defining the Gang  An association of three or more individuals whose purpose, in part, is to engage in criminal activity o Uses violence or intimidation to further its criminal objectives o With the intent to enhance or preserve the association’s power, reputation, or economic resources o Territorial o Group identity o Create an atmosphere of fear or intimidation o Employing one or more of:  A common name or slogan  Identifying sign, symbol, tattoo or physical marking  Style of color of clothing, hairstyle  Hand sign  Graffiti Evolution of Gang  First signs: o Increase in petty crime (specific time and dates) o Juvenile delinquency o Individuals merging and identifying themselves as a group o Escalation of violence:  School yard fights o Need to share their identity with the community and make a name for themselves Gang Culture  Language  Rules/constitution  Code of conduct  Consequences for disobedience Mexican Mafia Constitution  No one outside of Mexikanemi should know of our dealings. If it is necessary at times for us to work or to use persons sympathetic to us or with people who are close to us, that is fine. But at no time should these people know our personal dealings.  If any one of us in Mexikanemi have a business or interest he shall always put 10% of the profits for the rest of our organization and we should always use this 10% constructively in the interest of the Mexikanemi in any manner.  Being a criminal organization we work in any criminal aspect or interest for the benefit
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