HNRS 353 Lecture 1: Technology in Theatre and Real Life

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George Mason University
Honors Program in General Education
HNRS 353

NOTES • Synetic Theater: highly stylized, mostly movement, not much dialogue, have a performance called “Soundless Shakespeare” • Luddite: someone who is opposed to technology • What makes music “good”? o Catchy o Singable o Originality o Difficulty o $$Sales$$ • History of Music o LP/Vinyl/Records o 8-track o Cassette o CD’s o MP3 files (digital downloads) o Streaming Services ▪ Uses social media as a new marketing technique (politicians, artists) • Digital Technology o Tech that uses binary code to produce and store data in compact spaces • Gardner o Issues with new tech ▪ Sometimes people get too excited about using the new tech that they forget the real reason why they are using it; “boys with new toys” • Mike Daisey: Monologuist aka someone who tells stories live on stage for a living; has done it as a career for 15 years o “The Agony and the Ecstasy About Steve Jobs”: tells the stories about Apple and rise of design and industrialization; also tells the story of the China/FoxConn Investigation o Mike received some backlash from his improvisational show about Steve Jobs because it seemed like he was insulting and mocking all of the life-changing technology that was developed • Mike Daisey Issues o Theatre vs Journalism ▪ Entertainment vs Investigation ▪ Improv vs Based on Facts o Ethics o Accuracy and Goals o Open to interpretation o Lies about: ▪ Workers he “met” ▪ Safety (workers with burnt or missing body parts; underage workers) ▪ Long hours and low wages ▪ Workers committing suicide by jumping off roof of factory building o The purpose got subverted when people didn’t pay attention to the reality of Foxconn o Do the ends justify the means? ▪ People don’t take much ac
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