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Information Technology
IT 223
Michael Lyons

Information: Processed and organized, Communication or reception of knowledge Data: Raw, unorganized info Security: definitions (freedom from danger, fear of anxiety; thing, measure)  Historic Perspective o Isolation: simply removing the entire system to a physical environment in which penetrability is acceptably minimized. o Resource Sharing: must be designed to protect each user from interference by another user or by the system itself, and must provide some sort of "privacy" protection to users who wish to preserve the integrity of their data and their programs. Thus, designers and manufacturers of resource-sharing systems are concerned with the fundamental problem of protecting information." o Likelihood of attack: .  Components of information security o CIA= Confidentiality, Integrity, availability o Network security, computer and data, Management information security, Policy, o  InfoSec: security of information and information systems; components of an information system o Authentication:Original, making sure if the person is really him. o non-repudiation Access control Accuracy Utility Possession o Availability: We can reliably retrieve and use our information and information-related services when we need them o integrity: Safe from unauthorized modification o Confidentiality: disclouse or exposure
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