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Lecture 14

MUSI 102 Lecture 14: Lecture 14

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MUSI 102

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Lecture 14; 11/3/16
Chapter 9
Starting to cross over into the 1960s
A pretty turbulent time
o Vietnam
o Assassination of JFK
o Martin Luther king
The baby boomers are growing up
Music moves like steps -
o Rise of music genres
o Then a plateau before it changes again
The 60s is a plateau
After the first rock n roll explosion, it's going to stay stagnant until the British invasion
The rise of Social Dance Crazes
o The Twist
o Instantly promoted as a new hit record
o Indie labels
o It was covered as well
o More percussion in the second one
Disco Techs
o People got together to dance
o The Mashed Potato
o The Locomotion
Lots of novelty dances all together
We haven't had anything that is truly an earth breaking sound yet
Rise of the Producer
Phil Specter
o Super popular
o He was an artist playing guitar and piano
o He started in a group called the Teddy Bears
o He starts as a song writer
o The trend of the day was dances
o But he didn’t follow that trend
o He did follow Lieber and Stoller (Hound Dog)
o He was their apprentice
o You tend to write in the style of whom you apprentice
o By 21, he was in charge of his own record company, Philly's Records
o He would work closely with the song writer, if it wasn't him
o The song writers were handpicked by him
o He was in charge of all the artists that sang for him
o Lots of girl groups
o His sound is associated with working with girl groups
o The arrangement, the hiring of musicians,
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