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Lecture 6

PHIL 253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Zophar, Chapter 27Premium

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PHIL 253
Wayne Froman

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013 12:29 PM
Satan is the prosecutor, his job is to accuse people in the heavenly court, ruled
by God. This tells the reader why Job is punished. Satan accuses Job of only
being pious because he has a good life. So God lets Satan ruin his life to prove
why Job is righteous.
Job’s children and livestock are destroyed. Job stays righteous for the sake of being
righteous. Then God gives Satan permission to inflict bodily harm unto Job, in order to test
him further. The theme is about staying with God even though bad things are happening.
Job is then visited by three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar. (this is also the order of their
ages) These are not israeli names. Eliphaz is more gentle than the others, and Zophar is more
rough. They all tell him that he must have sinned in order for this to have happened. Job
disagrees with them. Job wants an explanation of why everything happened.
His wife says to curse God and move on. One of the friends says the Justice works itself out
among a whole family/tribe/people, trying to justify what’s happening.Also that justice can take
generations to work itself out.
Antigone/Job comparison: Job and antigone both do what is right
in the eyes of God(s) and are punished.
Chapter 27: it is not always clear who is speaking. at one point it’s being attributed to Job, but
you can’t tell. Also lines are missing.Chapter 28 can be stand alone and was originally a
separate poem. Is called “The Hymn to Wisdom” Is saying that people who prosper never do
well, Job says he doesn’t know what evil he has done.
Elihu is the youngest who comes up and says that none of them have answered Job’s
question and the idea that he must have sinned is overly simplistic. He also says that it’s not
possible for Job to understand what God does because God is all powerful.
Job curses the day he was born and then God comes out. God says “where were you when I
created the heaven and the earth” he talks about nature and the large beasts that had been
created. He is saying that humans are able to understand nature up until a point.
God says that Job is the one who spoke the truth about God. God says that he will listen to
Job and that Job should pray for his friends.
It ends with Job getting a better life and a long life. This is possibly a changed ending or
added on later.
God never gives Job a definitive answer.
This could be because it would
compromise how Job is righteous just to
be righteous.
In the debate between Job and friends:
They say he has sinned he can’t think of
what he could have done.
Sometimes it takes generations in order
for justice to be served.
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