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Lecture 11

RELI 100 Lecture 11: RELI 100 Lecture Notes 11

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George Mason University
Religious Studies
RELI 100
David Dakake

RELI 100 Lecture Notes 11 Neviim • Means the prophets o Part 2 of the Hebrew Bible • Jews are led by Joshua to the Promise Land • There are already a lot of other people in the Promise Land Haram • God commands the Israelites to go into the Promise Land and kill everything o That includes the people, animals, and treasure o Take nothing • Established 12 Israelite tribes o They only come together to fight outsiders • There are still non-Israelites in the Promise Land • Israelites want a king like the other people • God gets angry Saul • God makes Saul the first king over all of the Israelites • God orders Saul to kill everybody o Saul fails • Samuel tells Saul God is mad at you • Samuel kills the leader Saul captured • Samuel tells Saul God will no longer bless you • Saul dies in battle David • Becomes the new king • Slays Goliath with the sling Psalms • The first book of part 3 of the Hebrew Bible Ketuviim • Means
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