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Lecture 12

RELI 100 Lecture 12: RELI 100 Lecture Notes 12

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George Mason University
Religious Studies
RELI 100
David Dakake

RELI 100 Lecture Notes 12 Assyrians • Destroy Israel in 722 BC o 10 tribes lost in history • Judah is the only group who represents the Israelite religion Babylonian • Destroy Judah and the temple in 587 BC • Exiled Judah people • Jews can no longer perform their rituals • Shift from ritual focus to moral focus o Just be good people Amos and Hosea • Prophets who disregarded ritual behavior o Love is more important Persian Empire • Cyrus the Great destroys the Babylonian Empire • tells Jews they can go back and rebuilt • third part of the Bible is about the rebuilding of the Temple o Ketuviim • Cyrus called Messiah in the Bible because he frees the people Greeks 4 • Alexander the Great built theaters for Greek plays in the Holy Land • Oppressed the Jews • Built a gym and exercised in the nude • Built schools taught in all Greek o Upset Jews ▪ Loose their sacred language of
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