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Lecture 18

RELI 100 Lecture 18: RELI 100 Lecture Notes 18

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George Mason University
Religious Studies
RELI 100
David Dakake

RELI 100 Lecture Notes 18 Abu Bakr • Friend of the prophet • There was a meeting to decide a successor o Ali wasn’t there • Abu Bakr was named Caliph • Caliph is the representative of the prophet Khalifah • Someone who’s a representative • God named Adam the Khalifah and told Adam to “teach the angels their names” • Term was adopted by the Muslims Khalifah Basul Allah • Representative of the messenger of Allah • When Abu Bakr became Caliph, the Muslims in Arabia rebelled by not playing the zakat • The zakat was previously paid to the prophet and the prophet gave it out to charity • Abu Bakr ordered the Muslim Army to force the Muslim tribes to pay zakat to Abu Bakr instead of to a charity of the
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